Bokor, Nándor

Associate professor

F III. 2F 12.
bokor.nandor (at)
+36 1 463 4148


Descriptive relativity (elective course, in Hungarian)

Curved spacetime (elective course, in Hungarian)

Physics 1 - mechanics, thermodynamics (for electrical engineering students, in Hungarian)

Physics 2 - electrodynamics, optics  (for electrical engineering students, in Hungarian)

Physics 1 - Mechanics (for chemical and bioengineering students, in Hungarian)

Physics 1 - Electrodynamics (for chemical and bioengineering students, in Hungarian)


High numerical aperture focusing

Fluorescence, infrared, and x-ray microscopy

Super-resolution microscopy


Concentration of diffuse light 

Methodological questions of teaching relativity

Most important Publications

N. Bokor, K. Jahn, N. Davidson, "Compact reflective system for ideal imaging concentration", Appl. Opt. 58(3), 030001 (2019).

N. Bokor, "The relativistic rocket on an energy momentum diagram", Eur. J. Phys. 40, 015603 (2019).

N. Bokor, "Playing tag relativistically", Eur. J. Phys. 39(5), 055601 (2018).

Y. Iketaki, H. Kumagai, K. Jahn, N. Bokor, "Creation of three-dimensional spherical fluorescence spot for super-resolution microscopy using two-color annular hybrid wave plate", Opt. Lett. 40(6), 1057 (2015).

N. Bokor, Y. Iketaki, "New design method for a phase plate in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy", Appl. Spectr. 68(3), 353/361 (2014).

N. Bokor, "Analyzing collisions using Minkowski diagrams in momentum space", Eur. J. Phys. 32, 773 (2011).

N. Bokor, A. Domondon, Y. Iketaki, "Edge-enhancement Fourier transform x-ray microscopy using a Laguerre-Gaussian zoneplate", Opt. Rev. 17(2), 79 (2010).

Y. Iketaki, T. Watanabe, N. Bokor, M. Fujii, "Investigation of the center intensity of first- and second-order Laguerre-Gaussian beams with linear and circular polarization", Opt. Lett. 32(16), 2357 (2007).

N. Bokor, N. Davidson, "Towards a spherical spot distribution with 4Pi focusing of radially polarized light", Opt. Lett. 29(17), 1968 (2004).

N. Davidson, N. Bokor, "High numerical aperture focusing of radially polarized doughnut beams with a parabolic mirror and a flat diffractive lens", Opt. Lett. 29(12), 1318 (2004).