BME Physics researchers report a new and efficient way to create nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond using neutron irradiation. Published in Carbon.

Our colleague received the famous lifetime achievement award given to outstanding teachers in the field of natural sciences.

Sándor Kollarics, PhD student at the Department of Physics, wins first prize at BME's outreach contest by an expository description of his research results.

The manuscript of the quantum elctronics group on Shiba states published together with the exotic quantum phases group was awarded the best publication prize at the university.

The results of the Quantum electronics group on tuning superconducting metals by gate electrodes has appeared in Nano Letters.

The work of the quantum electronics group together with the EHTZ group on the pressure tuning of the bands of magic angle twisted double bilayer graphene appeared in Nano Letters.

The new result of the complex magnetism group on electrically controllable THz switches appeared in Physical Review Letters.

The work of the quantum electronics group, showing the increase of spin orbit coupling in Gr/WSe2 heterostructures has appeared in NPJ 2D materials.