Registration is open for the outreach lab course ,,Nobel-prize experiments'', aimed at high-school students, hosted by the BME Institute of Physics. Details below the fold.

Zoltán Scherübl (BME Department of Physics) was awarded the János Bolyai Janos Fellowship of the HAS. 

Interview with BME's associate professor and Momentum research group leader Szabolcs Csonka published at the news portal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The associate professor of our department received the prize from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for his outstanding research activities. Congratulations!

New experimental results from the Department of Physics, published in Nature Communications, open new perspectives in the spintronics applications of graphite.

The new results of the Quantum Electronics group on gate-driven out-of-equilibrium euperconductivity in Ta/InAs nanowires has appeared ACS Nano.

The European Research Council awarded almost 2 million euros to support the nanoelectronics research of Péter Makk, associate professor of the BME Insitute of Physics.

In collaboration with Japanese, Estonian and Hungarian scientists the Complex Magnetism group has shown an unconventional spin-lattice coupling using infrared spectroscopy. The results have been published in Physical Review Letters.