The paper of the Quantum Electronics group has been published in npj Quantum Materials.

Research in topological superconducting circuits is further supported by a Momentum Grant awarded to Szabolcs Csonka, associate professor of Dept. of Physics.

New Semilab atomic force microscope at the BME Institute of Physics, installed on May 6, opens opportunities in research, development, and education.

Leaders of the semiconductor-superconductor field have assembled for the closing event of the SuperTop QuantERA network.

Sustained funding of the ELKH-BME Condensed Matter Physics Research Group, which covers a broad research spectrum and is led by András Halbritter, is awarded until June 2027.

András Halbritter, professor of BME Department of Physics, has been elected as a member of the General Assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Short video introducing the Quantum Information National Laboratory, featuring BME physicists Szabolcs Csonka, Ádám Gali, Máté Kedves, and Gergely Zaránd.

The researchers of the Complex Magnetic Structures group revelead magnetic skyrmions with size smaller than 10 nm in a bulk material. The study appeared in npj Quantum Materials.