The measurements of the Quantum electronics group showing the hybridization of Andreev Bound states appeared in Nano Letters.

New experimental group of the Department of Physics, to be led by grant winner Péter Makk, will research the electronic properties of synthetic, atomically thin nanostructures.


Together, with the Nanoelectronics group of Basel the scalar potential in graphene generated by straining has been revealed for the first time. The work has appeared in Nature Comm. Physics.

Newly established Quantum Information National Laboratory (QNL) officially launched at an online kick-off conference, with our Institute of Physics a key participant.

Máté Vígh, a lecturer at our department got the prize of Excellent Lecturer of BME

László Forró, the professor EPFL became the honorable doctor of BME.

The atomic and molecular electronics group has revelead different noise generating mechanisms during the formation of graphene nanogaps.

Péter Balázs won in two sections  at this year's National Scientific Students' Associations Conference. See other nice results also, in Hungarian.