The new results of the Quantum Electronics group on gate-driven out-of-equilibrium euperconductivity in Ta/InAs nanowires has appeared ACS Nano.

The European Research Council awarded almost 2 million euros to support the nanoelectronics research of Péter Makk, associate professor of the BME Insitute of Physics.

In collaboration with Japanese, Estonian and Hungarian scientists the Complex Magnetism group has shown an unconventional spin-lattice coupling using infrared spectroscopy. The results have been published in Physical Review Letters.

BME's new BSc program covers quantum and nanotech, data science and artificial intelligence, photonics, quantum optics and materials science, sustainable energy, nuclear technology.

The university news page reports on this Fall's edition of the two-day event ScienceCamp+, a physics and maths workshop organised by BME's Faculty of Sciences for high-school talents.

The graphene workshop organized for the 6th times was a great success with leading scientists from all over Europe. See you next year!

70th Birthday Conference of György Mihály, member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, former head of the Department, was held at Mátraháza on Sep 24.

The paper of the Quantum Electronics group has been published in npj Quantum Materials.