Mihály, György


MTA-BME Condensed Matter Research Group
MTA-BME Kondenzált Anyagok Fizikája Kutatócsoport
Doctoral School of Physics
Fizikai Tudományok Doktori Iskola
F I. 1F 12.
mihaly.gyorgy (at) mail.bme.hu 
+36 1 463 2313

Most important Publications


Á. Gubicza, D.Zs. Manrique, L. Pósa, C.J. Lambert, G. Mihály, M. Csontos, A. Halbritter
Asymmetry-induced resistive switching in Ag-Ag2S-Ag memristors enabling a simplified atomic-scale memory design
Scientific Reports 6: 30775 (2016).    Impakt Faktor: 5,228


Á. Gubicza, M. Csontos, A. Halbritter, G. Mihály
Non-exponential resistive switching in Ag2S memristors: a key to nanometer-scale non-volatile memory devices
Nanoscale 7, 4394-4399 (2015).    IF: 7,760


Á. Gubicza, M. Csontos, A. Halbritter, G. Mihály
Resistive switching in metallic Ag2S memristors due to a local overheating induced phase transition
Nanoscale 7, 11248 (2015).    IF: 7,760


A. Geresdi, M. Csontos, A. Gubicza, A. Halbritter, G. Mihály
Fast operation of nanometer-scale metallic memristors: highly transparent conductance channels in Ag2S devices
Nanoscale 6, 2613 (2014).    IF: 7,394


A. Geresdi, A. Halbritter, A. Gyenis, P. Makk, G. Mihály
From stochastic single atomic switch to nanoscale resistive memory device
Nanoscale 3, 1504 (2011).    IF: 5,914


S. Csonka, A. Halbritter, G. Mihály
Pulling gold nanowires with a hydrogen clamp: Strong interactions of hydrogen molecules with gold nanojunctions,
Physical Review B 73,  075405 (2006).    IF: 3,107


M. Csontos, G. Mihály, B. Jankó, T. Wojtowicz, X. Liu, J.K. Furdyna
Pressure-induced Ferromagnetism in (In,Mn)Sb Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor
Nature Materials 4,  447 (2005).    IF: 15,941


Sz. Csonka, A. Halbritter, G. Mihály, O.I. Shklyarevskii, S. Speller, H. van Kempen
Conductance of Pd-H nanojunctions,
Physical Review Letters 93: 016802 (2004).    IF: 7,218


G. Mihály, I. Kézsmárki, F. Zámborszky, L. Forró
Hall effect and conduction anisotropy in the organic conductor (TMTSF)2PF6
Physical Review Letters 84, 2670 (2000).    IF: 6,642


G. Mihály, L. Mihály
Spontaneous Decay of Metastable States in Orthorhombic TaS3
Physical Review Letters 52, 149 (1984).    IF: 6,498