PhD student Bence Gábor Márkus was awarded 2nd Prize at the BMe Research Competition.

The joint work of Tímea Nóra Török and Dániel Molnár of the Department of Phyiscs was awarded 1st prize and the Rector's Award.

The Open Day of the Faculty of Natural Science took place on October 15.

István Kézsmárki (pictured) of the Department of Physics, and our former colleague Balázs Dóra, have been promoted to full professor.

Ágnes Gubicza and Dávid Szaller, PhD students at our department, were awarded the ÚNKP Fellowship of the Ministry of Human Capacities.

Our colleagues were awarded the Budó Ágoston Prize and the Gyulai Zoltán Prize, respectively, at the triennial meeting of the Eötvös Loránd Physical Society.

Reliable resistive switching is demonstrated in asymmetrically designed atomic-scale memories utilizing all-Ag electrodes.

Lecture notes by János Asbóth (Wigner FK), László Oroszlány (ELTE), and András Pályi (BME) has been published at Springer.