The nanoelectronics group has shown spin current genaration using the Edelstein effect in a graphene/BiTeBr heterostructure. The work done in collaboration with Chalmers is published in Nano Letters.

Sandor Bordacs has won one of the prizes from the Pro Progressio Foundation for his paper in Nature Materials.

Szabolcs Csonka was awarded the physics prize by the Hungarian Academy if Sciences.

BME physicists find an unexpectedly large extension of the Yu-Shiba-Rusinov state in a superconducting nanostructure, which paves the way toward topologically protected qubits. This was published in Nature Communications, in collaboration with the University of Basel.

Researchers of the nanoelectronic group have revealed the single atom nature of memristors using sub-gap spectroscopy.

Researchers of the nanoelectronics group have demonstrated nanosecond switching of Ag/AgI memristors.

Our colleagues, with researchers from Bilkent University, showed mechanically controlled pattern formation in a hydrogel by a diffusion–precipitation reaction. Published in Advanced Materials.

Boglárka Tóth won first prize, whereas Albin Márffy second and Péter Balázs third place.