On Oct 24-25, BME hosts the 4th Graphene and Two-Dimensional Materials Workshop, bringing together international and Hungarian experts to share their most recent research results.

Our colleauges have experimented with a semiconductor-based artifical molecule to demonstrate topological features of a simple quantum system. Work published in the journal Communications Physics, from Nature

Head of Department of Physics receives the award of the Hungarian Academy of Science for his exceptional achievements in nanotechnology research.

On May the 9th the workshop of the Department of Phyiscs and EPFL will take place at BME.

Microwave directional dichroism was detected by the Complex magnetic structures group and by the researchers of the University of Tokyo. The results are published in the Physical Review Letters.

Universality and ballistic to diffusive crossover have been observed in silver filament based memristors.

The first observation of double Moiré in graphene in collaboration with the Nanoelectronics group of Basel have been publised in Nano Letters.

The non-equilibrium distribution function in graphene has been measured using tunneling spectroscopy in collaboration with the University of Basel