The diverse footprints of quantum spin liquids in 3D frustrated magnets

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Quantum spin liquids in 3D frustrated magnets
2017. 05. 24. 13:15
Building F, Entrance III, seminar room of Department of Theoretical Physics
Yasir Iqbal (Würzburg)

Three-dimensional frustrated magnets have recently come into limelight as promising candidates to host the much sought after quantum spin liquid phase. Recent experiments on pyrochlore, hyperkagome, and diamond lattice compounds have revealed the presence of tremendously interesting and intriguing low-energy physics. Using the recently developed pseudo-fermion functional renormalization group (PFFRG) method which efficiently handles 3D spin systems, we address the low-energy physics of different spin liquid candidate materials in 3D which have been the subject of recent experimental investigation. This includes an extraordinarily rare realization of a S=1/2 Molybdate pyrochlore (Lu2Mo2O5N2) and the spiral spin liquid phase in the S=5/2 diamond lattice Mn-Thiospinel (MnSc2S4). The spin susceptibility profiles obtained within PFFRG are shown to be in excellent agreement with available neutron scattering data, which displays fascinating features, such as the presence of cogwheels, boomerangs, and bow-ties.