Fast relaxation processes of donor-based spin qubits in silicon

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Fast relaxation of donor spin qubits in silicon
2016. 02. 16. 13:00
Building F, Entrance I, 1st Floor, Department of Physics, Room 5 (seminar) room.
András Pályi

Spin states of phosphorus donors in silicon are strong qubit candidates for quantum computing. In the talk, I will introduce how the operation of such a quantum computer is envisioned [Kane, Nature 393, 133, (1998)], and a recently proposed version where qubit control could be performed via electric (as opposed to magnetic) fields [Tosi et al., arXiv:1509.08538v1].  Finally, I will present our theory contribution [Boross et al.,] describing phonon-emission-mediated spin relaxation processes; we predict that they can be orders-of-magnitude faster in the proposed nanostructured devices than in bulk silicon.