Dr. Simon Ferenc

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F I. 1. em. 13.
simon.ferenc (at) ttk.bme.hu
+36 1 463 3816


Kiemelt publikációk

10 Selected publications:


  1.  F. Simon, A. Jánossy, T. Fehér, F. Murányi, S. Garaj, L. Forró, C., Petrovic, S. L. Bud'ko, G. Lapertot, V. G. Kogan, P. C. Canfield: Anisotropy of Superconducting MgB2 as Seen in Electron Spin Resonance and Magnetization Data, Physical Review Letters. 87, 047002 (2001).
  2. F. Simon, Ch. Kramberger, R. Pfeiffer, H. Kuzmany, V. Zólyomi, J. Kürti, P. M. Singer, and H. Alloul: Isotope Engineering of Carbon Nanotube Systems, Phys. Rev. Lett 95, 017401 (2005).
  3.  F. Simon, H. Kuzmany, B. Nafradi, T. Feher, L. Forro, F. Fulop, A. Janossy, A. Rockenbauer, L. Korecz, F. Hauke, and A. Hirsch: Magnetic fullerenes inside single-wall carbon nanotubes, Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 136801 (2006).
  4. A. Kiss, A. Pályi, Y. Ihara, P. Wzietek, P. Simon, H. Alloul, V. Zólyomi, J. Koltai, J. Kürti, B. Dóra, and F. Simon: Enhanced NMR Relaxation of Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquids and the Magnitude of the Carbon Hyperfine Coupling in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 187204 (2011).
  5. Péter Boross, Balázs Dóra, Annamária Kiss & Ferenc Simon: A unified theory of spin-relaxation due to spin-orbit coupling in metals and semiconductors, Scientific Reports 3, 3233 (2013).
  6.  Szolnoki, L ; Kiss, A ; Dora, B ; Simon, F: Spin-relaxation time in materials with broken inversion symmetry and large spin-orbit coupling. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7, 9949 (2017).
  7.  Szirmai, P ; Maarkus, BG ; Dora, B ; Fabian, G ; Koltai, J ; Zolyomi, V ; Kurti, J ; Nafradi, B ; Forro, L ; Pichler, T, F. Simon: Doped carbon nanotubes as a model system of biased graphene, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 96, 075133 (2017).
  8. M, Negyed ; J, Palotás ; B, Gyüre ; S, Dzsaber ; S, Kollarics ; P, Rohringer ; T, Pichler ; F, Simon: An optically detected magnetic resonance spectrometer with tunable laser excitation and wavelength resolved infrared detection, REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 88, 013902 (2017).
  9. I, Gresits ; Gy, Thuróczy ; O, Sági ; B, Gyüre ; B G, Márkus ; F, Simon: Non-calorimetric determination of absorbed power during magnetic nanoparticle based hyperthermia, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 8, 12667 (2018).
  10. Csosz, G ; Markus, BG ; Janossy, A ; Nemes, NM ; Muranyi, F ; Klupp, G ; Kamaras, K ; Kogan, VG ; Bud'ko, SL ; Canfield, PC, and F. Simon: Giant microwave absorption in fine powders of superconductors, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 8, 11480  (2018).


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