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3rd Graphene Workshop

Basel, 21-22 June, 2018

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Graphene workshop 2018
Time Speaker Title
11.00-11.30 Labtour
Lunch at the Physics Institute Menza
Seminar room - 201
12.45-13:10 Marius Eich Electrostatically induced nanostructures in bilayer graphene
13:10-13:35 Holger Graef Probing graphene electron optics with Dirac fermion reflector
13.35-14:00 Peter Rickhaus A network of topological channels in twisted bilayer graphene
14.30-14.50 Mirko Rehman Characterization of Hydrogen Plasma Defined Graphene Edges
14.50-15.15 Robin Huber Tunable 2D superlattices in graphene/hBN heterostructures
15:15-15.40 David Indolese Supercurrent in Moire superlattices
16:10-16:35 Rainfer Kraft Interplay between the moiré superlattice and a npn-junction in a graphene-hBN heterostructure
16.35-17.00 Preety Pandey Proximity induced superconductivity in ballistic normal metal-graphene-superconductor junctions
17.00-17.25 Aroosa Ijaz The challenge to induce superconductivity in WSe2
17:50-18:20 Ignacio Gutierrez, Diego Mauro Encapsulation of air sensitive materials for surface sensitive techniques
18.20-18.45 Evgeny Ponomarev Van der Waals heterostructures as synthetic semiconductors
19.00-21.00 Dinner at Restaurant Gianni
Lecture hall -101
9:00-9:25 Endre Tóvári Gate-Defined Quantum Confinement in InSe-based van der Waals Heterostructures
9:25-9.45 Josep Ingla-Aynés Proximity induced spin lifetime anisotropy in graphene/TMDC heterostructures
9.45-10.05 Christian Leutenantsmeyer Spin transport in fully hBN encapsulated bilayer graphene
10.30-10.55 Taro Wakamura Strong Anisotropic Spin-Orbit Interaction in Graphene Induced by WS2
10.55-10.20 Tobias Rockinger Magnetotransport in Graphene/WS2 heterostructures
11.20-11.45 Simon Zihlmann Large spin relaxation anisotropy and valley-Zeeman spin-orbit coupling in WSe2/Gr/hBN heterostructures
Lunch at the main University Menza
13:10-13.35 Lei Liang Large anisotropic magnetotransport in layered transition metal dichalcogenide with manganese intercalants
13.35-13.55 Madushakar BN Study of proximity induced SOC and spin injection in graphene - multilayer WSe2 van der Waals structures
13.55-14.15 Lujun Wang Strain engineering in high mobility graphene
14.45-15.10 Timo Bisswanger Device fabrication for graphene spintronics
15.10-15.35 Eike Icking Quantum Dots in bilayer graphene
15.35-15.55 Paritosh Karnatak Ising superconducitvity and the possibility of inducing it in graphene