Applications (biophysics, energy management)
Chairman: László Forró
László Forró Opening
Peter Matus Thermal conductivity of CNT/SU8 composites for thermal management
Szilvia Mucza Effect of drug treatment on the formation of malaria pigment crystals
Xavier Mettan Thermal conductivity of TiO2: from single crystal to foam
Endre Horvath Water purification: from discovery to applied science
Synthesis, structure and quantum transport in novel materials I.
Chairman: Davor Pavuna
Trpimir Ivšić Crystal synthesis efforts at LPMC
Gréta Mezei Resistive switching in a single molecule junction
Luka Ciric Mechanical properties of TMDs
Tímea Török Single-atom filaments in Nb2O5 memristors
10.30-11.00 coffee break
Synthesis, structure and quantum transport in novel materials II.
Chairman: Szabolcs Csonka
Konstantin Semeniuk Interplane transport on FIB structured 2D crystals
Molnár Dániel In situ impedance matching in Nb/Nb2O5/PtIr memristive nanojunctions for ultra-fast neuromorphic operation
Edoardo Martino High pressure optical study of TMDs
Botond Sánta Universal 1/ f type current noise of Ag filaments in redox-based memristive nanojunctions
Peter Szirmai Organic quantum spin liquids
Spintronics transport and spectroscopy I.
Chairman: Péter Makk
Bence G. Márkus Spin-relaxation in nanocarbon
Gábor Csősz Spin-relaxation theory
Szentpéteri Bálint Proximity spin-orbit graphene/BiTeBr
12.30-13.30 Lunch break
Magnetooptics and photovoltaic perovskites
Chairman: Sándor Bordács
Jakub Vít Magnetoelectric domains in LiCoPO4 and their control
Dániel G. Farkas Magnetic field induced rearrangement of cycloidal domains in BiFeO3
Pavao Andricevic Photovoltaic perovskites for gamma detection
Konstanteen Matulnikovs Properties of photovoltaic perovskites on curved surfaces
Alla Arakcheeva Structural refinements at high pressure
Spintronics transport and spectroscopy II.
Chairman: Neven Barisic
Zoltán Okvatovity Nuclear spin relaxation in the Weyl semimetal TaP
Mátyás Kocsis Ionic gating of BiTeBr
Tosson Elalily Supra spectroscopy of nanowires with InP barrier
Máté Kedves High quality graphene + Supra
Ferenc Simon Closing
15.00-15.30 coffee break

(all talks are max. 10 minutes including questions, laptop change)